Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress

  • For many years, the state of Iowa has used the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Iowa Assessments to measure progress and growth.  Perhaps you took these assessments yourself. Assessments have evolved over time because of changing outcomes and curriculum, and a new state test has been created. 


    Last spring, schools across Iowa gave the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP), which measured achievement in reading (grades 3-11), writing (grades 3-11), math (grades 3-11), and science (grades 5, 8, 10).  


    What's different about these assessments?

    Comparing previous assessment with ISASP


    Reading reports and interpreting data:

    As the tests have changed, so have the reports. A guide to help describe and interpret these new reports has been included below. As we interpret this data, it is important to remember that this is a new assessment and a fresh start in reviewing results aligned to the standards being taught. It would not be appropriate for us to compare this data to previous years of the Iowa Assessment. The percentile ranks and standard scale scores are not aligned and would not serve as an accurate basis for comparison. 


    While the results are delayed for this first administration, we will have results much earlier in future years.  We will also be able to begin some growth comparisons to this baseline data when we test this spring, during the week of March 30, 2020. 


    For additional Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress resources, click here.


Interpreting Your Student's Results

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