Trauma Sensitive Schools







    Trauma Sensitive School 


    Bondurant-Farrar Community School District recognizes that people often have experienced many different types of trauma in their lives.  People who have experienced trauma may need support and understanding from those around them. Steps that Bondurant-Farrar has taken as a Trauma Sensitive School are: 


    • Reboot in the fall 2019 where staff viewed Under the Surface
    • Self-care monthly initiative
    • Trauma sensitive sessions provided through the B-F Unconference
    • Training of Tier 1 with 18 staff members
    • Elementary classrooms engage in daily morning meetings
    • Middle School students participate in NEST weekly
    • Elementary is part of the 2020 Mid-America School Mental Health Learning Community
    •  A team will be attending the Creating TSS 2020 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
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