Phone System RFP FAQ

  • Internal Phone System RFP FAQ


    Below are vendor questions & answers regarding the BFCSD Phone System RFP.

    All questions are due by April 28, 2021.


    If you plan to submit a proposal, please email Chris Bieghler at 

    This will allow us to record your contact information in order to communicate any changes or updates.


    Document History

     4-2-2021     BFCSD Phone System Replacement RFP


    Vendor Questions & Responses

    Question 1

    Is there an elevator in the west wing of the High School building? Or only in the Auditorium?

    Response 1

    Both - we have an elevator in the Auditorium AND the West wing of the HS.

    Question 2

    Are you requesting the Conference Phones to be a dedicated conference phone (Speaker Phone only) type, or just a normal PBX feature phone?

    Response 2

    Just a regular phone with the speaker phone option.

    Question 3

    Are you wanting wall mounts for phones and if so - how many?

    Response 3

    Yes - 325