Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Objectives, & Goals

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Bondurant-Farrar Community School District is to:


    Help all children develop their talents in order that they may become productive citizens.


    Vision Statement

    The Bondurant-Farrar Community School District is committed to providing:

    • Optimal opportunities and sincere encouragement to students to succeed socially, emotionally and academically
    • A safe and orderly environment where all students are comfortable and secure
    • A mutually supportive, collaborative and productive home-school partnership
    • A curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse learning community
    • Research-based instruction designed to meet the needs of all students
    • Teaching and modeling the character qualities of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship to students



    Educational Objectives

    The Bondurant-Farrar Community School’s educational program will provide opportunities for students to:

    • Understand the necessity and pleasure of reading from a variety of sources
    • Develop the ability to use language and communicate effectively
    • Use mathematical knowledge and methods to solve problems
    • Use abstractions and symbols
    • Apply and understand specific knowledge and methods
    • Use technology and understand its potential
    • Explore various vocational areas in a career education format
    • Develop an awareness of other languages and cultures
    • Apply knowledge about health, nutrition, and physical activity
    • Express oneself through the arts and to appreciate the artistic expressions of others
    • Use logical and critical thinking skills in academic and applied situations
    • Become informed decision makers
    • Recognize and use one's full potential and become a lifelong learner



    Student Achievement Goals & Standards

    • Student Goal #1: All students will demonstrate in academic and applied situations a high level of mastery of essential skills (in reading and comprehension).
    • Student Goal #2: Students will communicate effectively both orally and in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.
    • Student Goal #3: Students will be able to apply mathematical principles.
    • Student Goal #4: Students will be able to apply scientific principles.
    • Student Goal #5: Students will be able to access and use information.
    • Student Goal #6: Students will be self-directed learners who draw directly from their learning experiences to create a positive future vision for themselves, to prioritize options, and to develop and monitor achievable goals that support career/life role successes.
    • Student Goal #7: Students will be collaborative workers who work effectively and use appropriate group interaction skills to be productive contributors in a variety of cultural and organizational settings.
    • Student Goal #8: Students will practice a healthy lifestyle.
    • Student Goal #9: Students will be community contributors who demonstrate responsibility for others in their families, schools, workplace, communities, and world.