Frequently Asked Questions

  • General FAQs:


    Q: ​Can we use more than one address for transportation?
    A: No, we will only transport students using one address for both morning and afternoon.  

    Q: Can Preschool students ride the school bus?
    A: No.

    Q: Can I be notified when my child(ren)'s bus is going to be late.
    A: Yes​. ​We are now be able to send you an e-mail that your child(ren)'s bus is running late due to weather, break down, accident, etc.  The e-mail that is on file on your Infinite Campus account will be the one we use to communicate this with you.  This system will be used if the bus is running more than 15 minutes late.

    Q: Who needs to fill out a transportation form?
    A: Every family who would like transportation for this school year, regardless if you are a "Country Route" or "Optional Bus Service" family.  This information will allow us to place your student on a route.  Without the form we will not pick your student(s) up or drop him/her off.

    Q: Do I need to fill out a transportation form this year if information has not change from last year?
    A: Yes​. ​We ask each family to fill out the Transportation Information Form each year, regardless if information is the same or has changed from last year.

    Q: We live in the country with no sidewalk, does that qualify us for free busing?
    A: No​. ​The only factor that qualifies your student(s) to ride for free is the 2 and 3 mile rule.

    Q: We live on the east side of NE Hubbell Ave and are in the "Walk Zone". Do we pay for busing?
    A: For a limited time we are waiving the OBS fees for students living east of Hubbell Ave.  Those students are still considered OBS riders, we will just be waiving the fee.  Once the over or under pass is completed those living in these areas will be returned to a paying OBS route.  These OBS routes have been increased to 3 buses, once these buses have reached their max capacity, no additional buses or riders will be added to this area.  Be sure to get your transportation request submitted early to avoid being denied a ride. 

    Q: I need to change my pick up or drop off location. What do I do?
    A: We ask that you contact Transportation via e-mail at or by calling us at 515-967-7819 to make any changes.  Please notify us 2 weeks prior to routing changes.  We will not make any changes during the first 2 weeks of school.

    Q: How is the distance calculated?
    A: From the end of your driveway to the closest entrance on school grounds using the shortest route.​ ​Please keep in mind this may include using bike trails to calculate distance.

    Q: How do I know if I need to pay for my child(ren) to ride?
    A: If you have a student(s) in K-8 and your home address is 2.00 miles or less to their school you will need to utilize our Optional Bus Service Program.
    If you are unsure of the distance you may contact our Transportation Department and they will be happy to check the distance for you.

    Q: Do I need to pay if my child lives in an OBS area but going to a country address for daycare purpose​?​
    A: Yes​. ​You will be charged the OBS regardless where we are transporting them.

    Q: We live in the country and we are using a babysitter in-town do we need to pay for them?
    A: Yes​. ​Anytime you are using an OBS route you will be charged for this service.

    Q: What happens if my payment is not received by the deadline, will my student still be able to ride?
    A: No.

    Q: How can I pay the transportation fee?
    A: Preferred payment method is with credit or debit card on your RevTrak account.  Visit the RevTrak portal here.​ ​Once approved for transportation, the fee will be assigned to your oldest student's account. For other forms of payment, please contact the Transportation department @ 515.967.7819

    Q: Will you send out invoices to us for the second semester like you have in the past?
    A: No​.​ We will send a one time reminder e-mail to the family regarding fee payment deadline for the second semester.

    Q: I forgot to pay for the second semester, what will happen?
    A: If payment is not received by Tuesday, December 1st, 2020, your student(s) seat will be offered to students on the waiting list and will not be able to ride beginning Monday, January 18th, 2021



    Double Routes and OBS:


    Q:  How early will the first pick up be on one of the double routes?

        A:  We are planning no earlier than 7:00 am


    Q:  If my child(ren) are on the first double route where will they go in the morning?

      A:  All students are welcome to go into breakfast when they arrive at their school or wait with other students who are dropped off by their parents.  All students are brought inside when weather is inclement.


    Q:  When will I know which route (1st or 2nd route) my child(ren) will be on?

      A:  Once all transportation request are received we will begin working on routes.  Our goal date is set as August 7th, 2020 to have routes set.  Be sure to continue to watch our transportation page for OBS routes/stops/times to be posted.


    Q:  Why are Double Routes needed?

      A:  Due to our growing community and the desire to continue to offer safe and reliable transportation at an affordable cost to our families these changes need to happen.


    Q:  The current route my in-town student is on this year is at capacity will transportation be adding another route for our area? 

      A: No, Once the ridership reaches capacity the transportation will no longer accept any additional riders.  All applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis (this includes both application and payment).  Any OBS applications that are denied for capacity reasons will be placed on hold until a spot was to become available.


    Q:  My student(s) ride a country route, will double routing effect their route?

      A:  Not generally but some OBS riders may be added to a country if there is available seating.


    Q:  Will there be a point in time where transportation will limit the number of students who can sign up for OBS?

      A:  Yes, as our community has continued to grow and routes have been adjusted to accommodate that growth. we may need to deny additional rider request for those areas.  Once our ridership numbers hit capacity we will no longer add students to the OBS routes that have the max number of riders for those development areas.


    Q:  Will Bondurant-Farrar continue to add buses to OBS?

      A: At this time we have put a cap of 4 buses (8 Double Routes).  However, we will continue to re-evaluate our program and make adjustments when we see the need and can continue to provide transportation at a reasonable cost to the district.


    Q:  Will there ever be a time that Bondurant-Farrar will not provide OBS?

      A:  Once Bondurant developments continue to expand further away from our school campuses we will be adjusting our OBS program.  In the future, we will begin to look at making some areas that are in close proximity to our school campuses "No Bus Service Zones".


    Q:  Have the OBS fees increased for 20-21 SY?

      A:  No, our school board is committed to providing a safe and reliable transportation, the OBS program is not a required service by law.  Over the next few years we will continue to work toward a goal of our OBS program not being subsidized by the general fund and we will also be phasing out the family discount.  However, please notice that the school board did not raise the fees from the 20-21 SY OBS fees. 


    Q:  We live in the country but are using OBS to/from a babysitter will we need to pay?

      A:  Yes,  anytime you are using OBS services you will be asked to pay for this service.