School Business Official [Business Manager/Board Secretary/Treasurer]

  • Under supervision of the Superintendent and Board of Directors, the School Business Official performs responsibilities within the overarching framework of the Iowa Department of Education’s Standards for School Business Officials (SBO Standards).

    Cari Aylsworth has served the board since 2016 as the School Business Official. She has been given the responsibility to maintain district financial records according to federal and state law, administrative rules, and board policy. Mrs. Aylsworth is in charge of preparing and administering the district budget. She is to act in the position of Secretary & Treasurer of the board in all respects such as attending board meetings, recording board minutes, updating board policies, preparing information and reports, and meeting other requests made by the board.

    To accomplish these tasks successfully, a financial understanding of the spending authority concept and purpose of the Aid and Levy Worksheet is essential as well as many other skills and competencies as laid out in the SBO Standards.

    Cari received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Iowa and her Masters in Business Administration from Drake University. She is a member of the International Association of School Business Officials and the Iowa Association of School Business Officials.


  • Mr. Cari Aylsworth

    Mrs. Cari Aylsworth

    School Business Official [Business

    Manager/Board Secretary/Treasurer]


    Bondurant-Farrar CSD

    300 Garfield Street SW

    Bondurant, IA 50035


    p. 515-967-7819