• Wellness Policy

    The State requires school districts to have a wellness policy for the district.  A local school wellness policy is a written document that guides a district efforts to create an environment that promotes student health, well-being, and ability to learn.  


    Regular assessments occur to ensure the District is implementing appropriate wellness activities and processes.  Please view the most recent Bondurant-Farrar Wellness Program Assessment.    


    Bondurant-Farrar recently updated the district wellness policy to be in full compliance with State requirements.  All District policies can be found on the District website under School Board.  The Wellness Policies are in the 500 Series:  507.13, 507.13E1, 507.13E2, 507.13E3, 507.13E4, 507.13E5


    Wellness Commitee

    The District Wellness Committee is made up of teachers, administration, community members and students but anyone is welcome to attend meetings at any time.  This year the committee will meet on January 9 and April 2 at 7:45am.  Please check the School Board web page, under meetings for locations and agendas.