Driver Incentives

  • Attendance Bonus (January to June 2019):
    $500 for current full-time drivers. Zero deduct days between the date this agreement starts and the end of the school year. To be paid out during the last pay period. There will also be an incentive for current substitute drivers, as follows: 20-34 days = $100 bonus, 35-49 days = $200 bonus, 50-64 days = $300 bonus, 65-80+ days = $400 bonus.

    Signing Bonus:
    Paid to any driver (full-time route or full-time substitute) hired new prior to February 28. $500 to yellow bus driver (Class B or higher) that is fully licensed or becomes fully licensed - $250 after 30 days of employment and an additional $250 if employed with the district at the end of the school year. $200 to a van driver (full-time) that is licensed or becomes licensed - $100 after 30 days of employment and and additional $100 if employed with the district at the end of the school year. New employees hired in January and February are not eligible for both the Attendance and Signing Bonus.

    Recruiting Bonus:
    $100 to any current BFCSD employee (excluding administrators/directors) who successfully recruits a driver that is hired by the district prior to February 28th.

    Safe/Accident-Free Bonus(Jan.-June):
    $200 for current or new (full-time route or full-time substitute) drivers (hired prior to February 28) - No vehicle accident while driving a Bondurant-Farrar regular route, field trip or activity trip. Vehicle accident as defined as any incident that creates more than $100 damage to bus, van, or property of the district or personal property of another person. Drivers are expected to report any and all damage.

    *Applicable taxes apply to all bonuses. Bonuses are not subject to IPERS.


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