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Action Needed For Future Emails Sent By The District


February 11, 2019

Families & Staff,


Due to recent changes Infinite Campus has made in their emailing service, we’re reaching out with an important step you need to take in order to ensure you continue to receive emails sent by the district.


We recently became aware that several families and staff members are experiencing a delay in email notifications sent by the district. These emails are often being received 12-24 hours after the original message had been sent. Our technology team has been working with Infinite Campus to address this issue, and it appears to be resolved; however, there is action that needs to be taken on your end in order to finalize the process.


It is likely that this message will be automatically directed to your email’s spam folder. If so, please select the “NOT SPAM” button (or a similar button based on your email provider). If this email has shown up in your regular inbox, no further action is needed. Please note, this is a one time step. Once it’s addressed, future emails will no longer be directed to spam.


With the approaching weather system, we want to guarantee that all families and staff are aware of this change and have time to address it. Because this issue is email based, we’re also sending messages to families and staff via text and phone call.


With questions, please contact the district office at 515-967-7819.

Thank you,


Bondurant-Farrar District Office