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Facebook Community Action Grants


On Thursday, March 28, Bondurant-Farrar was awarded three different Facebook Community Action Grants at the grantee reception, hosted on the Facebook campus in Altoona. This year, grant applications were funded for Morris Elementary, Anderson Elementary, and Bondurant-Farrar High School totaling over $33,000.


Due to this generous grant, the students and teachers at Morris Elementary will have access to thirty Virtual Reality kits.  These kits will mean that a greater number of teachers will be able to lead their students through mini-trips in virtual reality that will enhance the classroom learning.  With these thirty kits, students will be become more immersed in their learning by being able to see what they are learning about.  


Anderson Elementary will utilize their grant award to place two 65 inch touch screen displays into collaborative learning environments.  These displays will allow students to work on a common screen and work together on their common goal.  The students will gain hands-on experience working with others in a 21st century way.  


Next year, a new course will be offered at Bondurant-Farrar High School called "Bluejay Digital." This course will incorporate video production, graphic design, and broadcasting to highlight events and athletics at the high school. Last year, Facebook allocated $10,000 to purchase several cameras and accessories, and this year they approved $15,000 to be spent on broadcasting equipment. 
Bondurant-Farrar has been able to purchase several technology-related items and software licenses over the last three years due to the generosity of the Facebook Community Action Grants and look forward to a long-lasting partnership that provides increased opportunities to Bluejay students.