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Results From School Board Elections


November 6, 2019


Iowans across the state went to the polls yesterday to cast their ballots in city and school elections. As you know, Bondurant-Farrar’s school board had three open seats on the November 5 ballot. Vote totals are considered unofficial until certified by the County Board of Supervisors, however we would like to take a moment to inform you of current results and to thank our school board members for their leadership.


Unofficially, voters re-elected Susan Ugulini and Chris Freese to continue their service on the district’s Board of Education, and joining them is newcomer Stacia Sanny who will fill the seat previously held by Tom Looft. The transition in leadership will take place during the November 25 organizational board meeting.


At this time, we would like to thank Mr. Looft for his dedication and service to Bondurant-Farrar students, staff, and community members. After serving the district for 30 years as an educator and coach, Mr. Looft volunteered as a school board member for the past eight years. As a board member, Mr. Looft has been involved in several significant projects throughout the district, including the opening of Morris Elementary, the hiring of a new superintendent, and the passage of the 2016 bond referendum which allowed for recent additions at the high school and Morris Elementary. 


Additionally, we would like to recognize all Bondurant-Farrar board members, past and present, for their dedication and service. School board members make a difference for our students, our community, and ultimately the future of Iowa. 


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