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Master Plan Update


June 9, 2020


The board recently received an update from SVPA Architects on the proposed Junior High which would house 7th & 8th grade students. We would now like to share the basic visuals of the design for the community to review. 


To view visuals and layout, please click here.


The new Junior High will allow the district to address capacity challenges caused by continued student growth. The proposed Junior High will open with nearly 450 students. The final capacity will be based on what the district can legally fund which could be up to 600 students.  


With the opening of an additional building, the middle school would shift from serving grades 6-8 to only grades 5 and 6. As a result, capacity issues at Anderson Elementary would be alleviated by a shift from serving grades 3-5 to only grades 3 and 4.


The district monitors enrollment data monthly and updates projections frequently. Assuming the anticipated growth trend remains on target, the additional space provided by the new Junior High along with the grade reconfiguration should serve the district’s needs until the fall of 2028. In order to construct the Junior High, district residents will be asked to vote on a bond referendum to maintain the current tax rate- we are not asking for a tax rate increase! Based on the conservative estimates, this will alleviate capacity issues for more than five years.


Questions on this project should be addressed to Superintendent, Rich Powers, at