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FFA Chapter Maintained Garden at State Fair

August 25, 2021

Students holding produce grown at the Iowa State Fair gardenThe Bondurant-Farrar FFA Chapter maintained what the Iowa State Fair called their newest agricultural attraction in 2021, a garden that brought focus to row-crop agriculture and fruit and vegetable production.

The garden featured corn and soybean plants as well as information on the history of their production and harvest. The garden also included numerous vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, green beans, and squash. In addition, their fruit crops included pear and apple trees.

To maintain the garden, the Bondurant-Farrar FFA Chapter made regular trips into the state fairgrounds leading up to the fair to water, weed, and tend to the crops. During the fair, FFA members worked each of the 11 days to ensure the garden was staffed from 8am to 8pm. While also tending the garden, members gave tours, answered questions, and helped educate fairgoers visiting the exhibit.

“Many of the Des Moines metro FFA chapters play some part in the educational displays at the Iowa State Fair. As a chapter, we were excited for the opportunity to make our mark this year,” said Bondurant-Farrar instructor and FFA advisor, Caitlin Remington.   

Of the opportunity, Remington went on to say it not only allowed students a more hands-on learning experience but also helped address food insecurity in the metro area. 

“Knowing our produce would then be harvested and given locally to those in need made all the long hours worth it. When the food bank truck came to pick up during the fair, I could see the pride in the students when loading the produce. They knew that they were doing something greater than themselves,” said Remington. 

Bondurant-Farrar’s FFA program originated in 2018 when Remington joined the district as an ag teacher. The program continues to grow with 35 students anticipated to participate in the 2021-22 school year.

Pictured left to right: Students Caitlyn Jensen, Riley Current, Lauren Meier, and Estella Smith