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A Flourishing Community & District

August 31, 2021

Teacher in elementary classroomAccording to 2020 Census data, Bondurant’s population percent increase of 90.8% is the largest increase in Polk County and the second-largest increase in the State of Iowa. Compared to a population of 3,860 residents in 2010, Bondurant's 2020 population totaled 7,365 which is an increase of 3,505. This growth has naturally had a direct impact on student enrollment. 

Comparatively, according to the Iowa Department of Education, the number of students served at Bondurant-Farrar grew from 1,407 in 2010 to 2,390 in 2020, an increase of 983 students.  

Currently, within the first week of the 2021-22 school year, it appears student enrollment has increased by approximately 90 students in grades K-12 compared to the end of last year. Early numbers indicate approximately 2,620 students district wide. 

Naturally, numbers will fluctuate throughout the course of the school year. October 1 is the official certified student count day. It is important to note “students in seats” numbers differ slightly from our certified data due to how enrollment is calculated by the Department of Education.

The district continues to collaborate with the City of Bondurant in planning efforts. Coordination includes identifying sharing opportunities to maximize resources and save taxpayer funds. Internally, the district has an infrastructure / master planning committee that identifies and discusses current and future facilities projects. The district uses various architectural and planning experts in the master planning process.