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2022 Tree Named 1st Place People's Choice at Festival of Trees & Lights

November 30, 2022

brightly colored tree featuring student made ornaments and materialsThe Festival of Trees and Lights is an annual event that serves as the main fundraiser for Blank Children’s Hospital. While the event includes entertainment, food, and children’s activities, its main focus is the beautiful trees decorated by volunteers. Since 2016, members of Bondurant-Farrar’s counseling and art departments have teamed up to create many award-winning trees on behalf of our school community. 

This year, the team’s vision of Art is Too Important Not to Share’ was showcased through a brightly colored tree that they were able to bring to life through community donations and student-made ornaments and features. 

The 2022 vision was inspired by the many BFCSD students who have benefited from the services of the Blank Child Life Program/Specialists who frequently utilize art materials/therapy with young patients. It was the team’s hope that the 2022 tree would highlight the healing benefits of art while also donating a significant amount of art supplies to benefit Blank Children’s Hospital.

Throughout the five-day event, attendees have an opportunity to vote for their favorite trees. On November 29 through their Facebook page, the Blank Children’s Hospital announced this year’s winners, with Bondurant-Farrar’s tree earning first place! Thank you to all who helped to make this tree a success, and a special shout out to the BFCSD team of art teachers and counselors for their creative vision and time.   

Previous Trees:

  • 2016   Landon’s LEGO Tree (3rd place)
  • 2017   Ava’s Dazzling Diva Tree (1st place)
  • 2018   Our Blank Story
  • 2019   Bondurant’s BEST/Bluejay Tree (2nd place)
  • 2021   Go Gold for Childhood Cancer!
  • 2022   Art is Too Important Not to Share (1st place)