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STEM Days Made Possible Through Partnership with Local Meta Data Center

Students assembling their tanksDecember 1, 2022

Members of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in Polk County were at the Bondurant-Farrar Intermediate School on November 30 and December 1 to lead STEM-related activities with 5th and 6th grade students. Learning was centered around 4-H’s STEM Challenge, which consisted of three ocean-related activities in their "Explorers of the Deep" program. These hands-on learning opportunities were made possible through financial assistance and support from Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and their Altoona Data Center.

Photos included show students participating in the Ocean Robot Test Tank activity where they learned how to “ballast” their ocean robot by adding weights to replicate the sinking and floating behavior of a real ocean robot. Through these activities, they investigated data collected by ocean robots and learned about the value of ocean exploration.

students testing flotation of tanksStudents enjoyed spending the morning with and learning from members of Polk County’s Iowa State University Extension and Outreach team. Thank you to Meta and all who collaborated to make this possible for Bondurant-Farrar students! 

To learn more about the 4-H STEM Challenge, please visit