After School Clubs


    After School Activities 2019-2020

    Second Session 

    December 3, 2019-February 20, 2020




    Tuesday from 3:30-4:45


    For the Love of Art!

    Advisor: Juhl and Reyerson

    Location: Room 105 at the middle school

    Can’t get enough Art?  Have you attended Art Club in the past and wish it met more often?  Come join us for Art Club!  There will be a variety of activities, from painting to pottery and lots in between!  (Grades 5-8) (Limit 28 students)



    Advisor: Hill

    Location: Room 134 at the middle school

    The Bondurant-Farrar Middle School Drama Club is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable, and creative environment for the beginner to intermediate stage performer. This club gives students grades 6 through 8 the opportunity to participate in a supervised and directed dramatic activity. As a club, we will learn about the fundamentals of acting and performing, while producing and developing a production of our very own. We hope to offer students the opportunities to develop a confidence and presence on stage, as well as create poise and social skills applicable to daily life. Students will be exposed to different aspects of theater including impromptu acting, music, dance, costuming, set design, prop work, and technical crew.     (Grades 5-8) (Limit 30 students)

    Wednesday from 3:30-4:45


    Games, Games, Games

    Advisor: Mrs. Scott

    Room 106

    Have a competitive streak or just enjoy having fun?  If so, this is the perfect after school activity for you.  Students will have a chance to play board games and card games.  This will surely provide you with a Wednesday afternoon of fun and tasty treats! (Grades 5-8)  (Limit 20 students)


    Video Game Club

    Advisor: Ms. Rockefeller

    Location: Middle School Room 143


    Video game club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing video games.  Students will have an opportunity to play multi-player games against each other, play single player games, and spend time discussing gaming strategies and preferences.  Students may also bring their own handheld games from home at their own risk.  Games will be approved on an individual basis.  Rated "M" games will not be approved. (Grades 5-8) (Limit 18 students)


    Thursday from 3:30-4:45

    Sports Mania!

    Advisor: Ms. Schultz

    Location: Room 103 at the middle school

    Do you have a competitive edge or just like to play sports?  If so, intramurals is the club for you! Students will play popular games like dodgeball and flag football along with many others.  This is a great way for kids to be physically active and is guaranteed to be a good time. (Grades 5-8) (Limit 24 students)


    Chinese Cooking Club

    Advisor: Baucum

    Location: FCS room at the middle school

    Students will learn some simple Chinese language and will experience cooking authentic Chinese cuisine. Students will learn about the cultural significance of dishes. Students will be able to taste new flavors and interact with their peers. (Grades 6-8) (Limit 16 students)

Elected & Selected

  • Middle School Mentors


    At the beginning of each school year, students in seventh and eighth grade have the opportunity to apply to be a mentor to preschool through fifth grade students at our elementary schools during study hall if they wish to do so.  In order to be selected as a mentor, students must demonstrate good character, have a “B” average or better in the courses they took the previous school year, and have a history of good attendance.  Good attendance being defined as missing ten or fewer days of school the previous year.  Students must also be available during times when teachers need assistance in their classrooms.   


    Middle School Student Council


    Each school year six student council members are chosen to represent their class.  Students that are chosen by their peers and teachers to represent their grade level are held to high expectations.  This group serves as the student leadership team in the middle school and are expected to show great character, leadership, and compassion as they serve as role models to other students in the building.  Student council members meet once a week during school hours and outside of school when hosting student activities such as dances, movie nights, roller skating parties, and fundraising events.  A majority of the funds that student council raises are used toward student incentives, assemblies, funding student groups, and supporting student needs as they arise. 


    School Ambassadors


    Student Ambassadors at Bondurant-Farrar Middle School are students that represent our school positively and help build community within our school. Student Ambassadors are asked to provide new students with an introduction to BFMS by giving them a tour of the school, helping them get to their classes, introducing them to their teachers and providing them with a familiar face. Students that are interested in becoming ambassadors should fill out an application at the end of the school year and will be notified prior to summer break if they're selected to serve the next school year.