Proposed Property Tax Levy

  • Property owners across the state recently received a new property tax mailing required by the passage of House File 718, similar to the document included below. While the purpose of this mailing is to educate taxpayers about the budget, families and residents may have questions and are asked to reach out to us directly for clarification. If there is interest, we will hold in-person and/or online sessions to address questions. 

    Is the school tax rate increasing?

    The school tax rate is the same at $17 per thousand of taxable valuation. With the residential and commercial growth in the district (meaning more contributors to the tax base), the revenue generated for the school district is more than the previous year. This additional funding with the same tax rate will help the district accommodate increased student enrollment, staffing increases, new facilities needs, etc.

    Will my school tax bill increase? 

    That depends on your property assessment, which is completed by the county. If your assessment has increased, your school portion of the bill will increase.

    Contact us with questions:

    We understand this is a complex topic. Families and residents are asked to call our district office at 515-967-7819 with any questions. Those who prefer to communicate electronically can visit our website at to reach out online.

Notice of Public Hearing

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.