• Below are posted questions and answers from ALL vendors during this Copier RFP process.


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    Document History

    4-21-20 Addendum C to Copier RFP

    4-15-20 Addendum B to Copier RFP

    4-10-20 Addendum A to Copier RFP

    4-8-20 - BFCSD Copier RFP


    Vendor Questions & Responses


    Question 1

    Your Device A (Color) requirements show that you are looking for a replacement that is a minimum of 55 pages per minute. Just to confirm, your current equipment with Sharp MX-3640N’s operate at slower speeds than this. Is the 55 ppm a spec requirement or are other models accepted that are closer to what your current equipment runs at?

    Answer 1

    We have removed this as a requirement in the RFP. Addendum A has been submitted under Document History for your records.


    Question 2

    Do your current licenses with PaperCut expire upon these dates or is there any time remaining? On the other hand, if looking to start fresh, how long are you requiring lisc. to extend?...3 years, 5 years??

    Answer 2

    Our PaperCut License info is available by clicking HERE.  Our current license expires on July 7, 2020.  We are looking to extend for 5 years (duration of the next Copier lease agreement).


    Question 3

    We were wondering if there was an opportunity/time to do a walk through at your location?

    Answer 3

    Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are not allowing any site visits.  We can provide you with pictures and/or floor maps upon request.


    Question 4

    In order to be accurate with our volumes and overage rates, I need to know with these machines how much of their volumes are B/W and Color vs just total volume per month.

    Answer 4

    Please click HERE to view the BW & Color volumes for our color copiers. 


     Question 5

    What version of PaperCut is your district using?

    Answer 5

    Version: 18.0.4 (Build 43116). 


     Question 6

    How are you scanning to Google Drive now?

    Answer 6

    We are currently not - this is a feature we would like to add. 


    Question 7

    How are you currently printing with Chromebooks?

    Answer 7

    We have a Google account setup and are using the Google Cloud Print option through PaperCut.  Attached HERE is a screen shot. 


    Question 8

    Would the district have a blank AptiQ card that we can pick up or have mailed to us? 

    Answer 8

    We can provide a card upon request.  Just email  It will be placed in an envelope and placed at our pickup location: Auditorium Entrance - Bondurant-Farrar HS 1000 Grant St. North Bondurant, Iowa.  Doors are opened from 8-4 pm daily.

    Current card specs can be found HERE (page 2 - highlighted yellow)



    Question 9

     In reference to section 6.8 - Can you clarify the terms in the above statement? Is this mutually agreed upon between both parties to terminate or does it state that BFSCD can terminate at any time with 30 days written notice? 

    Answer 9

    If the vendor fails to carry out their provisions/services (ex - copier is broken and has not been fixed/replaced for a few weeks), BFCSD would send the vendor an official notice of items that need to be addressed/fixed/corrected.  If after the 30 days of notice, there has been no resolution or response, BFCSD would then have the right to terminate the contract.
    The mutual agreement part refers to this:  by the vendor NOT responding to BFCSD's request of items that need to be resolved/fixed, they are mutually agreeing to terminate the contract, as this would be outlined in the original 30 day notice of provisions/services/items that need to be remedied or fixed.


    Question 10

    Can you provide an address where the old equipment will need to be shipped back? 

    Answer 10

    Once BFCSD officially submits the 30 day notice to finalize and terminate the current lease, the leasing company will send shipping location/information out.   


    Question 11

    How much will the shipping fees be for shipping back the old equipment? 

    Answer 11

    Shipping costs can run anywhere from 200 - 800 PER COPIER, depending on the size and amount of equipment being returned.


    Question 12

    Can we have a copy of the PaperCut license file? 

    Answer 12

    Yes - email me directly to get a copy -


    Question 13

    Where will the copiers need to be shipped to?

    Answer 13

    The current lease is through CIT, they are located in Jacksonville, Florida.  I am sure they have distribution centers throughout the US.  They won't release the shipping info until we officially end the lease.


    Question 14

    On Exhibit B, there’s a box for Device A estimated lead time.  Could you clarify that question?

    Answer 14

    We are looking for how long it would take to get Device (A or B) installed and operational from the time we award the bid.


    Question 15

    For Device B, is there a minimum ppm that you are requiring?

    Answer 15

    We would like to keep it as close to the existing model as possible - which is 36 ppm. It could definitely be higher, if possible.


    Question 16

    If you are removing the 4 machines from Exhibit A down to Exhibit B, what are your plans for the volume from those machines?  The 4 combined volume runs roughly 63,000 pages per month.  Where would that volume be diverted to?

    Answer 16

    We are not entirely sure - most likely through other Device A copiers.  I am sure some of that will be re-routed to a Device B copier - just depends on the user.