USDA Funded Meals For All


    September 07, 2021


    Dear Families,


    The USDA has approved FREE Breakfast and Lunch for ALL students through 05/27/22. Your students enrolled in the Bondurant-Farrar Community School District will not be charged for any regular school meals starting August 23, 2021.

    How does this affect your student’s school lunch status?

    • If your student is in full pay or reduced lunch status, they will be temporarily moved to FREE. No meal charges will be made to the students account through 05/27/2022.  
    • At that point the student’s account will return to their original lunch status and charged accordingly. All money placed in the meal account will carry over until regular meal prices resume. 
    • Ala carte options will be available and charged to their meal account (extra milk & sack lunch milk is $.50) Please add funds into the account to cover sack lunch milk and ala carte charges. You can add funds to your student account using or send to school to be deposited.


    How does this effect apply for free and reduced lunches?

    • We highly encourage Parent/Guardians to please fill out the Iowa Eligibility Meal Application to apply for free and reduced status at so when we return to charging you will still receive the appropriate meal benefits. You may also pick up an application at any school office.


    If you have any questions, please contact Dave Walker our Director or Nutrition and Custodial Services at 515-967-7819.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   How are students getting free meals?

    • The USDA extended a waiver that allows all children to eat for free during the COVID shutdowns that began in March 2020. Food service directors across the state filled out many applications for this program

    Do teachers/support staff get free meals?

    • No, our department is a child’s nutrition program so the waiver only covers children’s meals.


     What about the money already on student accounts?

    • The money stays on their account. At this time the waiver is only extended until May 27, 2022. Beginning the first day of the 2022-2023 school year all families will go back to being charged based on their free/reduced/paid status.
    • Extra milks will still be charged to accounts. They are $0.50. Also ala-carte items at the middle school and high school will be charged at full price.
    • If your student has a negative balance, please continue to add money to your student’s account until the balance becomes even or positive.


    Do I still need to fill out my student’s free or reduced meal application?

    • Yes - still fill out your free and reduced meal applications. Your application will determine the status after the waiver expires.