Logos & Brand Standards

  • The Bondurant-Farrar brand and logos have been designed to represent our standard of excellence and pride in our school community. 

    The district has created a brand standards and style guide with the intent to clarify and maintain management of official district brand elements and logos. By establishing and providing guidelines for brand usage, our goal is to create a consistent, identifiable, and respected brand presence. In order to accomplish this, it is important that all district-associated groups respect and follow these guidelines. Our hope is this guide will streamline branding questions and resources, offering each group choices and direction for promoting their activities.  

Use of Logos

    • All logos have been approved and adopted by the Bondurant-Farrar Board of Education to represent the district and schools.
    • External use of the logos should be approved by the Bondurant-Farrar Communications Specialist prior to printing or display. To start the process, please complete this form.
    • So that Bondurant-Farrar Community School District can maintain the brand integrity of its identity, it is mandatory that all logos be applied as indicated in the BFCSD Brand Standards & Style Guide and used in ways that support the mission, vision, and values of BFCSD.

    Brand Standards & Style Guide


Logo Use Request Form

  • Please complete the following form to request the use of Bondurant-Farrar’s logos and to receive high-quality art files to support proper use of the logos. Do not save images from the website, as these images are low resolution and are not considered suitable for print use.

    Logo Use Request Form


Official Colors & Logos

  • Color codes

    official logos

    *Complete the Logo Use Request Form referenced above for access to high resolution BFCSD logo files.