Friday Flicks Spotlight Series

  • Friday Flicks LogoThe purpose of this project “Friday Flicks” is to pull back the curtain to showcase the variety of activities and projects available to students, giving community members a look at some of the great things going on in our schools.

    This series is managed by high school student Addi Grosc, who serves as the communications intern for the district. 

    Take a moment to scroll through and enjoy past spotlights!

February 16, 2024

4th Grade StarLab
  • Have you ever seen space up close? These 4th graders have! Thanks to the Science Center of Iowa, they were given the chance to sit in a StarLab which projects the moon and stars on the ceiling to create the illusion of being in space. The students had tons of fun and the learning was out of this world!

February 9, 2024

DK Pizza Party
  • Pizza perfection! Developmental Kindergarten cooked up some mini pizzas in their very own pizzeria! The students have been learning about how a restaurant works and put these skills to work to give their families a five star dining experience!

February 2, 2024

  • What a crazy day for the 1st graders! The morning started off strong with the zoo bringing a porcupine and an owl for the kids to see! The afternoon was also filled with fun, with several community members coming in to talk with the students about their jobs! This was a super fun way to learn about their current and upcoming units, “Our Town” and “Animal Habitats”!

January 26, 2024

Future Freshman Night
  • Exciting day for the 8th grade class! Future freshman night gave them the opportunity to explore clubs and activities at the BFHS. Our admin shared crucial high school insights and a few current students shared their experiences in high school! 

December 22, 2023

Teacher Academy Visits 3rd Grade
  • The students, in the Teacher academy class, rocked a two-day session with third-graders, diving into the “How to Catch a Snowman” book. They didn't just read—they crafted lesson plans, problem-solved, and became awesome mentors. Their plans included reading the book, a worksheet, and an activity where students build their very own snowman!

December 15, 2023

  • Check this out! The Seniors in AP Spanish class just held a debate about graffiti and street art. The class was split into opposing groups, one advocating for graffiti and the other opposing it as art. And get this—they did it all in Spanish! From the preparation to the debate the students communicated completely in Spanish!

December 4, 2023

Advanced Art Famous Recreations
  • The Advanced Art students have been working hard to recreate famous art pieces. With a splash of creativity and a variety of techniques they put their own unique spin on the artwork! Take a peek at their masterpieces! 

November 24, 2023

Mini Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  • 1st graders at Morris Elementary rocked the parade route with their Bee-Bot Robots and handmade floats in yesterday’s Mini Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! From crafting floats to coding navigation, these students honed skills in problem-solving, creativity, and communication. Their excitement was off the charts for this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity!