Series 500: Students


    501 Student Attendance

    501.1 Resident Students

    501.2 Nonresident Students

    501.3 Compulsory Attendance

    501.4 Entrance – Admissions

    501.5 Attendance Center Assignment

    501.6 Student Transfers In

    501.7 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals

    501.8 Student Attendance Records

    501.9 Student Absences – Excused

    501.10 Truancy, Unexcused Absences and Unexcused Tardies

    501.11 Senior Release

    501.11R Senior Release

    501.11E Senior Release

    501.12 Pregnant Students

    501.13 Students of Legal Age

    501.14 Open Enrollment Transfers – Procedures as a Sending District

    501.15 Open Enrollment Transfers – Procedures as a Receiving District

    501.16 Homeless Children and Youth

    501.17 International Students

    501.18 Shared-Time Students

    502.1 Student Appearance

    502.2 Care of School Property/Vandalism

    502.3 Freedom of Expression

    502.3R1 Student Expression and Student Publications Code

    502.4 Student Complaints and Grievances

    502.5 Student Lockers

    502.6 Weapons

    502.7 Smoking, Drinking and Drugs

    502.7A Substance Use/Abuse Treatment

    502.7A-E1 Substance Use/Abuse Treatment Authorization for Release of Information

    502.7A-E2 Substance Use/Abuse Treatment Notification of Completion of Rehabilitation Program

    502.8 Search and Seizure

    502.8R Search and Seizure Regulations

    502.8E Search and Seizure Confidential Checklist

    502.9 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies

    502.9R Investigations Conducted in the Educational Environment

    503.1 Student Conduct

    503.1R1 Student Conduct

    503.1R2 Student Suspension

    503.2 Student Expulsion

    503.2R Student Expulsion

    503.3 Fines – Fees – Charges

    503.3R1 Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures

    503.3E1 Student Fee Waiver Application

    503.4 Good Conduct Rule

    503.4E Extracurricular Code of Conduct

    503.5 Extracurricular Eligibility – Transfer Students

    503.6A Corporal Punishment, Mechanical Restraint and Prone Restraint

    503.6B Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students

    503.6E1 Use of Physical Restraint and/or Seclusion Documentation Form

    503.6E2 Debriefing Letter to Guardian of Student Involved in an Occurrence Where Physical Restraint and/or Seclusion was Used

    503.6E3 Debriefing Meeting Document

    503.6R1 Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion with Students

    503.7 Student Disclosure of Identity

    503.7E1 Report of Student Disclosure of Identity

    503.7E2 Request to Update Student Identity

    503.8 Discipline of Students Who Make Threats of Violence or Cause Incidents of Violence

    504.2 Secondary School Student Organizations (Limited Open Forum)

    504.4 Student Performances

    504.5 Student Fund Raising

    504.6 Student Activity Programs

    504.6R Student Attendance at Events Outside of School

    504.7 Student Social Events

    504.8 School Dances

    504.9 Student Trips

    504.9R Overnight Student Trip Rules and Regulations

    504.11 Academic Eligibility Policy for Interscholastic Athletics

    505.1 Student Progress Reports and Conferences

    505.2 Student Promotion, Retention, Acceleration

    505.3 Student Honors and Awards

    505.4 Testing Program

    505.5 Graduation Requirements

    505.5R Course Enrollment Information

    505.5(1) Bondurant-Farrar Alternative Program Diploma

    505.5(2) Bondurant-Farrar Alternative Program Diploma Agreement

    505.5E1 Consideration to be Excused from Physical Education for the Bondurant-Farrar Community School

    505.6 Early Graduation

    505.7 Commencement

    505.7R Commencement Speakers, Qualification, Application, and Procedure

    505.8 Parent and Family Engagement District-Wide Policy

    505.8R1 Parent and Family Engagement District-Wide Policy - Building-Level Regulation

    506 Student Records

    506.1 Education Records Access

    506.1R1 Use of Education Records Regulation

    506.1E1 Student Records Checklist

    506.1E2 Request by Non-Parent/Guardian for Examination and/or Copies of Student Records

    506.1E3 Parent/Guardian Authorization for Release of Student Records

    506.1E4 Request for Hearing on Amendment of Student Records

    506.1E5 Request for Examination of Student Records

    506.1E6 Notification of Transfer of Student Records

    506.1E7 Letter to Parent/Guardian Regarding Receipt of a Subpoena

    506.2 Student Directory Information

    506.2R Use of Directory Information

    506.2E1 Parent/Guardian Directions to Withhold/Release Student Directory Information & Form

    506.3 Student Photographs

    506.4 Student Library Circulation Records

    507.1 Student Health and Immunization Certificates

    507.2 Administration of Medication to Students

    507.2E1 Authorization Asthma, Airway Constricting, or Respiratory Distress Medication Self-Administration Consent Form

    507.2E2 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Prescription Medication to Students

    507.2E3 Authorization for Independent Diabetes Consent and Request Form

    507.2E4 Parental Authorization & Release Form for the Administration of Voluntary School Stock of Over-the Counter Medication Students

    507.2E5 Parental Authorization & Release Form for Independent Self Carry & Administration of Prescribed Medication or Independent Delivery of Health Services by the Student

    507.3 Exclusion for Communicable Diseases

    507.3E1 Communicable Disease Chart

    507.3E2 Reportable Infectious Diseases

    507.4 Student Injury or Illness at School

    507.4E Accident Report Form

    507.5 Emergency Drills

    507.6A Student Insurance, General

    507.6B Student Insurance, Athletic

    507.7 Custody and Parental Rights

    507.8 Student Special Health Services

    507.8R Special Health Services Regulation

    507.9 Student Use of Non-Motorized Modes of Transportation

    507.10 Student Use of Motor Vehicles

    507.11 Emergency School Closings

    507.12 Student Work Permits

    507.13 Wellness Policy

    507.13R1 Wellness - Regulation

    507.13E1 Nutrition Guidelines for All Foods Available on Campus

    507.13E2 Plan for Measuring Implementation

    507.13E3 Healthy Kids Act CPR Requirement

    507.13E4 Physical Activity Contract

    508.1 Class or Student Group Gifts

    508.2 Family Night

    508.3 Breakfast/Lunch Program

    508.5 Transportation of Students

    508.6 Student Sportsmanship

    508.6R Student Sportsmanship

    508.7 Electronic Devices