School Supply List

  • Preschool Supplies List 2019-2020
    1 backpack (large enough to fit a folder)
    1 change of clothes to keep at school (for accidents or spills)
    4 Elmer’s glue sticks

    1 bottle of white school glue
    1 package of fine tip washable markers
    1 package of wide tip washable markers

    1 package of Expo dry erase markers

    1 watercolor paint set
    1 box of crayons
    1 folder with name on front
    1-1 inch binder with name on front
    1 container disinfecting wipes
    1 package of small paper plates

    Napkins, large paper plates, sandwich baggies, facial tissue, sidewalk chalk, Play Doh, bubbles, various art supplies (clear school glue, sequins, buttons, pipe cleaners, feathers, construction paper, white cardstock (8.5x11), google eyes, etc)

    Teacher Wish Lists
    hot wheels or vehicle toys
    toys/trinkets for prize box
    Little People play sets
    old magazines
    toilet paper tubes
    empty water bottles
    AquaBall water bottles