Scholarship Information

  • Scholarships are an important part of the financial aid process. It is important to apply for all the scholarships you qualify for. Be mindful of due dates and requirements of scholarships. Also, if a recommendation is needed with your scholarship, make sure to give at least two weeks notice to the person (or people) you ask to write a recommendation. It is also helpful to give a resume to the person making the recommendation. 


    There are many different ways to search for available scholarships: 

    • Colleges/Universities:
      • Make sure to check with the colleges and universities you are applying to for a list of the scholarships they have available. You can check with the admission counselor, the financial aid office, and the college/university website for a list of scholarships. 
    • Scholarship Search Sites:
      • ICAN (Iowa College Access Network) has great information related to college planning. ICAN has a website that has a Pay for College section that has information about college costs, the financial aid process, scholarships and grants.  
      • FastWeb! is an online database of scholarships. You create your profile and then FastWeb! will email you scholarships you qualify for.
      • is a fairly new concept. Student can earn micro-scholarships from particular colleges for things from earning As to taking a college visit. Colleges must be partner schools with to provide scholarships. Students can make an account and see what micro-scholarships they can earn. Check it out at