Safety Rules & Expectations

  • School buses across the country transport millions of students every year and are without question the safest way to get children to and from school. At Bondurant-Farrar, we transport over 1,200 students per day, and our number one priority is safety. Transporting students to and from school safely requires a team effort to be successful. Bus drivers, school staff, students, and parents all need to work together to provide the safest transportation possible. 

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  • Bus Driver Responsibilities:

    1. Ensure the school bus is safe to transport students each and every trip.
    2. Ensure each student has a place to sit on their bus to transport students safely.
    3. Ensure all students are safely transported to and from school.


    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    1. Ensure your student arrives at their bus stop safely and 5 minutes prior to bus stop time.
    2. During extreme weather, ensure your student boards the bus safely.
    3. Review the Student Responsibilities list (overview below, and Board Policy 711.2R1) with your student(s).


    Student Responsibilities:

    1. Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to your bus stop time to ensure you will not miss the bus.  
    2. If you must cross the street to board or deboard the school bus, you must cross in front of the bus (no closer than 10 feet), only after a signal from the driver and after looking both directions before crossing the roadway. 
    3. Once on the bus, students must follow the rules below: 
      • Follow the directions of the bus driver and never distract him or her from driving the bus safely.  The bus driver is authorized to assign seats and make decisions that are necessary to ensure the safe transportation of all students. 
      • Board the bus promptly, be seated immediately and stay seated properly (facing forward) keeping head, hands, and feet out of the aisle, inside the bus, and to yourself. 
      • Refrain from using loud voices or inappropriate language. 
      • No bullying or fighting – always treat others with courtesy and respect, and observe the same student conduct as you would in the classroom.
      • Do not throw objects of any kind on the school bus or out the windows. 
      • Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus, and help keep the bus clean at all times.
      • Treat the bus with respect. Don’t damage the bus and bus equipment. This includes the seats as any damage done must, by state law, be repaired at a significant cost to the school district.
      • Place all carry-on items on your lap and allow three people to sit in each seat.
      • Report violations of these rules to the bus driver immediately.
      • For a full list of rules pertaining to bus riders, please reference Board Policy 711.2R1.


    For additional rules and practices related to transportation services, please reference the board policies above.