Teacher Leadership & Compensation (TLC)

  • Bondurant-Farrar Community Schools was awarded funds through the Iowa Department of Education to implement Teacher Leadership & Compensation (TLC) beginning fall 2016-17.  


    • Vision: Meeting teacher growth needs through a supportive system of teacher leaders to improve student achievement and learning outcomes.


    • Outcome: If we effectively compensate, recruit and promote excellent teachers while providing support as they collaborate, reflect and refine their practice, we will enhance and elevate the teaching profession and provide opportunities for teacher and student growth and learning.


    1. We will attract and retain promising new teachers by offering competitive starting salaries, mentoring & induction, high-quality professional development, rewarding leadership opportunities while monitoring teacher retention rates for teachers new to the profession, after three years of teaching.
    2. We will promote collaboration by developing and supporting opportunities to learn from each other in the district and across the state and will maintain a results-oriented focus on learning and increasing student achievement.
    3. We will reward excellence in teaching by providing career pathways that include increased leadership responsibilities and compensation. 
    4. We will transform the nature of leadership and influence in the educational system to improve teaching and learning and increase student achievement.
    5. We will strengthen the capacity of teachers to align curriculum, instruction and assessment with the Iowa Core and professional development