Registration FAQ's

  • Bondurant-Farrar CSD

    New/Existing Family Online Registration

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    I am a new family to the Bondurant-Farrar CSD.  Where do I go to register a new student?

    • Please follow the step-by-step instructions on our “School Registration” web page under “Online Registration” => “New to the District?” or begin the application process HERE.  


    I am a new parent. How do I create a portal account?

    • Parents of new students will automatically have a portal account created for them after the registration process has been completed.  You do not need to request one initially.


    Registration is asking me to upload proof of residence, my child’s proof of age and home language survey.  What if I don’t have a scanner?

    • New families are highly encouraged to upload a scanned copy of each of these documents. If a scanned copy is not available, these documents can be brought to the District Office to be copied. You can also use your iPad or phone to take a picture of the document and then email it to the District Registrar at or fax it to 515-967-7847. Please make sure the documents are legible before you submit them.
      • Proof of Residence is used to prove that the student is living within the Bondurant-Farrar CSD. Two documents need to be provided with the parent name and resident address listed. (Utility Bill, lease/purchase agreement, insurance bill, etc.)
      • Proof of Age is used to provide proof of the age of a student.


    Where do I go to register an existing student?

    • Please follow the step-by-step instructions on our “School Registration” web page under “Online Registration” => “Student Re-enrollment” or log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and click on the three lines in the top left hand corner, then select "More".  You'll click the “Online Registration” button in the bottom left-hand corner to begin.


    How do I register my student if I don’t have access to a computer?

    • Families who may not have access to a computer / internet connection are encouraged to schedule an appointment to work from our kiosk station. To reserve the kiosk station, please call the District Office at 515-967-7819.  Appointments are available in one-hour increments, from 8am-3pm, Monday-Friday.


    The system will not allow me to input information, continues to bring up a blank screen, or keeps taking me back to where I originally started.

    • This may occur if your browser is set to block “pop-ups.” You must allow pop-ups from the OLR tool in order to proceed through the registration process. Also, know that accessing the online system is extremely difficult via a smart phone/iPad. Please use a computer to complete this process.   


    What if I don’t know my username and password for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

    • Please start by using the forgot username/password option available. If you still have problems, please contact our District Registrar, Holly Roby, via email.


    What should I do if I don’t see the “Online Registration” tab when logged into the parent portal?

    • This could happen for a variety of reasons:
      • Please check to make sure you are logged into the Parent Portal using your own Username/Password.  DO NOT log in using your student’s login information. Please note that Online Registration is only available to parents/guardians.
      • Check to make sure you’ve not already completed online registration.
      • Students with more than one household will have a primary and a secondary household. The primary household contact person will be the one to receive the online registration link.
      • If your parent portal account was recently created, the tab will appear within the next 24 hours.


    I already have students in the district and want to register an additional student (accepted preschooler, kindergartner, new family member, etc).  Where do I go?

    • Follow the same process as registering an existing student. You will have the option to add additional students under the “Student” tab within the application.  


    While re-enrolling my student(s), my child who graduated is still appearing on registration?

    • You will need to go ahead and complete the registration for that student as well. Students who are still a member of your household will appear in registration. They will not receive an enrollment for the new school year. 


    What is the next step after completing the Online Registration process?

    • Once you’ve completed your online registration in the Parent Portal, you will be asked to log into RevTrak to pay your assigned fees. These fees will appear in the RevTrak fee payment system after July 1st.


    When do I pay fees?

    • Fees will be made available to pay AFTER July 1st.  These required fees will automatically be assigned to your RevTrak account where you will be asked to log in and make payment to complete step 2 of the registration process.  
    • Transportation fees and all new student fees will be added manually as those applications are processed. You will need to make payment after you are notified of approval to the Bondurant-Farrar CSD.


    How do I pay for my student’s school lunch?

    • Lunch payments can be paid anytime online through RevTrak. You can set up automatic payments now as well if you choose. Your student can also submit cash or a check to their building secretary to be deposited into their account within 24 hours.


    Do I need to pay all fees before my student can attend school?

    • All fees must be paid before the start of the school year. If your family is in financial hardship, the district will attempt to find a payment plan to help. Additionally, you may qualify for free or reduced fees if you meet certain income guidelines. Please visit our Fees & Free/Reduced Applications website for more information and to start that application process.